CIAM For Developers: Benefits of Identity Management Solution

Developer identity management is not a tough nut to crack, especially if you know how to play your cards correctly.

You will eventually encounter the need to collect and store customer information, such as their identities and other profile data, as a developer of front-end or back-end applications.

At the same time, you would also need to build a new workflow for user registration, enable omnichannel experience, configure authentication methods such as social login, customer provision or deprovision, partner with a third-party application, or protect your web services’ API.

Today’s company IT infrastructure is more dynamic, varied, and complex than ever before. Environments have previously been limited to on-premises and are not hosted on various IoT devices and clouds.

This new open perimeter, however, has provided cybersecurity with fundamental challenges. In the creation and operations (DevOps) life cycle, it takes a zero-trust atmosphere to succeed.

In order to put this approach into practice, it needs not only the right instruments and technologies, but a change of mindset based on the holistic integration of protection within the DevOps lifecycle.

Protection mechanisms incorporated in DevOps offer the following (but not limited to) advantages:

  • Greater speed and agility for teams in growth and safety.
  • The ability to rapidly adapt to change.
  • Better collaboration and team-to-team coordination.
  • More choices for automated tests of building and quality assurance.
  • Detection of early bugs in code.

This whitepaper will allow you to discover the advantages of CIAM for developers and the technologies needed to support the functionality of a perfect solution for CIAM. It concentrates on areas like:

  1. What is CIAM, and why does it matter to developers.
  2. The common threats to data protection that developers encounter.
  3. Exponential growth in management of cloud identity.

You can also learn about LoginRadius identity management’s core capabilities for developers.

Download the whitpaper- CIAM for Developer: 5 Benefits of Using the LoginRadius Identity Platform




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Amit Purohit

Amit Purohit

SEO Specialist

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